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TREAT Energy Modeling Services

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Energyswift provides TREAT energy modeling services as per the methodologies defined by certifying bodies such as: IESNA, ASHARE and other local authorities for EPAct and LEED certification to its clients across the world. We are proficient in offering sustainable design guidance combined with LEED assessment in order to significantly improve energy and environmental performance.

TREAT stands for Targeted Retrofit Energy Analysis Tool. TREAT is an award-winning energy audit software that is now widely used for comprehensive energy analysis and building modeling. At Energyswift, we have an experienced pool of energy modeling professionals who have the necessary expertise clubbed with several years of association in providing TREAT energy modeling services in sustainable building designs and energy analysis in a cost effective manner.

TREAT is one of the most reliable home energy audit software on which the energy modeling industry has come to depend on for its characteristics like versatility and accuracy - which just keep on getting better. Outsource all your TREAT energy modeling services to Energyswift and heat up all of your home energy audit and contracting business.

TREAT is market tested, and today has thousands of users reveling accurate results for more than a decade of endorsing whole house energy audits. TREAT has been named the winner of the esteemed R&D 100 award and is still known as the only energy audit software that has been approved by the DOE for all the residential housing types, also including multifamily.

TREAT 3.3 is now RESNET accredited and is a comprehensive and flexible software platform fit for all your energy audit efforts. With single-family and multifamily versions, thorough building material libraries and the facility to project savings from combined retrofits, Energyswift's TREAT energy modeling services ensure that projected energy savings are consistent and that contractors switch retrofit sales with every house call.

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