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TRACE Energy Modeling Services

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Energyswift's TRACE energy modeling services are created for engineers and designers residing anywhere in the world responsible for evaluating system design and function required for new construction or existing buildings.

Energyswift's powerful TRACE energy modeling services are customized and easy to comprehend, facilitating the assortment of sophisticated calculations required for helping our clients determine what will work best for almost any building, at any given point in its life cycle.

The Following are the Advantages of using Energyswift's TRACE Energy Modeling Services:

  • Automatic Fan Calculations: Energyswift's TRACE does not only calculate the allotted KW and compute the Fan CFM, it also develops the fans into correct ratios on the basis of your input. It then also subtracts the fan energy out of the cooling equipment's COP or EER.
  • Copy and Paste from Excel: Yes, you heard that right. You can copy and paste from Excel in the component tree view - this means you can do some really cool searching. Any clients in need of TRACE energy modeling services cannot do through a LEED model without using this excellent feature.
  • LEED Report: This is the latest and greatest so advantage of all. Energyswift's TRACE outputs its data more or less identically to what the LEED requests, hence it makes entering the data for LEED several times easier than ever.
  • LEED Libraries Built In: Energyswift's TRACE includes all the equipments from the yesteryears and it also includes the roofs and walls by climate zone. This helps you in a way that you don't have to look up U-values.
  • Automatic Building Rotation: This helps you in automatically rotating the building four times for you. This indicates that you only have one file, not four.

Energyswift uses TRACE energy modeling for its LEED projects provides you benefits like quick turnaround time and reduced cost.

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