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Solar Simulation Services

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Energyswift offers solar simulation services to its clients worldwide by using solar photovoltaic current that creates a spectrum which is extremely close to that of the sunlight. We also provide solar powered applications intended for testing materials of solar collectors which call for different irradiation outputs. Maximum efficiency plays a very vital role in these photovoltaic panels.

Energyswift is one of the solar simulation services providers based in India. The dynamic, proficient and expert professionals working at Energyswift, can assist you in providing solar powered services through solar cells and photovoltaic modules.

Some of the solar simulation services provided at Energyswift include the below:

Solar Simulation Characteristics:

  • Compact Design
  • Output Orientation
  • Optical System
  • System Cooling

Solar Simulation Built-Up:

  • Air Filtering
  • Air Mass Filters
  • Digital Shutter Timer
  • Interlocks

A Solar Simulator can be described as a light source which approximates the illumination of natural sunlight. Today, professionals use solar simulators with different tailored spectral output to test a diverse range of samples that include but are not limited to sun screen (SPF), solar cells, materials photo-stability, and various other samples under repeatable, controlled laboratory conditions. Energyswift offers solar simulation services worldwide at very cost-effective rates.

Why Must You Choose Energyswift for Solar Simulation Services?

Our solar simulation services help our clients in achieving credits for following areas:

  • a) Durability tests for automotive components
  • b) Energy and Atmosphere - Optimized Energy performance
  • c) Energy and Atmosphere - Onsite Renewable Energy
  • d) Heat insulation testing of all exterior materials that are used in building construction
  • e) Product development used for solar cells and modules
  • f) Performance testing intended for air conditioning equipment
  • g) Solar radiation systems intended for automobile environmental test rooms
  • h) Sustainable Sites - Heat island effect for roof and non-roof area

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