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Energy Modeling and Analysis services

What We Do:

We are working in field of performing Energy simulation & analysis studies during design development process to help Designers, Developers, Architects, HVAC Consultants, MEP Consultants, Energy Modeling Consultants & other individuals working for better improvement and savings in energy consumption to have energy efficient decision makings.

We can suggest with various energy simulation approaches with modeling and analysis to have significant energy savings in existing as well as newly constructed buildings to have ultimately cost deductions/benefits.

We also provide Energy modeling services as per methodologies established by respective certifying agencies Or Standards like ASHARE, IESNA and local authorities.

Energy Modeling & Simulation for EPACT

We use eQuest, Comcheck, DIALux & Visual etc. software to conduct an Energy modeling & simulation analysis to determine whether the HVAC and lighting systems as well as the building envelope will comply with the requirements of Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT) and local authority.

We do energy modeling calculations by applying different energy conservation measures on the building analyzed for EPACT and local codes, so that the calculations for the Proposed and Reference Buildings must meet requirements under ASHRAE 90.1-2004 Appendix G and also can achieve Proposed or existing building savings against Baseline ASHRAE 90.1 appendix - G.

Interior Lighting Modeling & Analysis

Interior Illumination calculations are carried out for the different areas inside the buildings. i.e. office, store, Bedroom, lobby etc. as per IESNA standards.

False color layout & 3D model show the illumination level at different points in the room. Isoline layout represents the different illumination zones for better understanding.

Exterior Lighting Modeling & Analysis

This shows the Illumination level for external areas, i.e. Parking, Landscape, Main entrance etc. Road / street light modeling and analysis also done as per project requirements.

Day Lighting Modeling & Analysis

Illumination level by Sun into the building through windows & doors is calculated at particular time, day, month & year. False color layout & 3D model also are prepared for this and also shows the effect of the sun shadow in the building.

Compliance Lighting Report as per ASHARE 90.1

Building allocated watt is to be calculated as per ASHARE 90.1 for different interior areas. i.e. office, store, corridor, toilet, reception warehouse, kitchen etc. This compares with building actual Lighting wattage with respect to allowed wattage. It shows the design is compliance to the standards or not and how many percentage it meets to standards.

Suggestions to Reduce Energy Consumption

We use different ECMs to reduce energy consumption. By using high efficiency HVAC equipments, control of HVAC units, electronic ballast instead of Electromagnetic ballast, fluorescent lamp instead of incandescent lamp etc. This will reduce energy consumption and hence utility bills.

Energy Evaluation Report

This report is prepared as per EN 15193 and DIN 18599 standards. It will give the energy consumption details, which is consumed by interior lighting on monthly & yearly basis. Lighting Energy Numeric Indicator (LENI) shows the energy consumption per annum m2.

Lighting Analysis Video Presentation

Lighting 3D model of entire interior or exterior area can be prepared in Video presentation format.

Lighting Analysis CAD Layout

Illumination calculations are shown in CAD format including isolines and illumination level at different points with installed luminaries details to submit the local authority for approval.

Concept & Design of Lighting Control system

Lighting Control can save energy using motion sensors. Operating no. of hours of Light can be reduced. Programming of control system can be done based on time schedule, season and occupancy to save energy.

Energy Modeling for LEED

We can produce simple or detailed energy models based on building envelop options, HVAC Systems / electrical systems details provided by Clients for LEED Building Modeling & Simulation. At the early stages of design phase, this information is useful in making decisions that will impact the energy usage of a building over its total lifespan. DOE-2 based eQuest modeling software is typically used for these tasks.

Software Used & Explore

Software Used: eQuest, DIALux, Comcheck, Visual

These software are used for simulation and create energy modeling.HVAC, Lighting and total Energy utility bills analysis reports are also prepared with help of these software.

Software Explore: EnergyPlus, AGI 32, IES

These are some more software, which are used for simulation and modeling in different countries for some more detailing and to fulfill local authority requirements.

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