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Residential Energy Modeling Services

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Residential energy modeling in new home design, construction and renovations have proven to be a very effective tool that helps you weigh the cost effectiveness of any design strategy utilized to improve energy efficiency in a home.

Energyswift's team of residential energy modeling engineers are committed to rendering a high level of quantitative analysis to assist all our clients in making informed design decisions to obtain LEED and other certifications, optimize the energy performance of their buildings, comply with local laws and energy codes and maximize potential incentive opportunities.

Our residential energy modeling engineers utilize sophisticated whole building simulation tools, such as REM/rate, in order to support energy analyses for varied kinds of new construction residential, as well as for existing buildings' ASHRAE Level II and III energy audits.

Energy modeling offers a means to assess a building's energy performance and assists the clients in making informed design decisions in order to optimize the energy performance of their homes to improve their return on investment as well as to adhere with local laws and energy codes.

Residential energy modeling services of Energyswift can be utilized for not just new home construction but also for home renovations/improvements. The energy model creates an estimation of savings for varied energy efficient measures, thus allowing clients to grade various scenarios on the basis of costs and lifetime estimated savings.

Energyswift has extensive experience of modeling buildings in the commercial, residential, educational and industrial sectors. Our residential energy modeling team is well-versed with the current industry standards (ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G) and we have been instrumental to our clients in developing new modeling protocols.

Our professionals are experienced at residential energy modeling and assessing various aspects of building performance, together with building energy modeling for commercial and residential facilities.

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