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Reflection analysis offers a comprehensive vision of the varied brightness and flash patterns, which are generated once the radiation rebounds in a specific environment off the surfaces of the materials.

Energyswift provides reflection analysis services which assists in designing the building's structure by using critical reflective analysis. The expert professionals working in our company use reflective analysis for calculating the effects of not just solar reflections but also the shadows.

Reflection analysis at Energyswift defines the building's front elevation design, by taking into account the way the light strikes it along with the nearby constructions (that include parking lots, streets, swimming pools, etc).

We also find that various different kinds of techniques of reflective analysis are been used before picking out any specific point of a building. Furthermore, Energyswift also offers reflection study of nearby building in order to check their impact on the project being studied.

By using Energyswift's reflection analysis, it is feasible to calculate the effects of the solar reflections and the shadows. In most of the occasions it is profitable to perform a reflection study of nearby buildings in order to verify their impact on the project, which is being studied particularly.

Below mentioned are the various reflection analysis services offered at Energyswift:

Reflection Analysis Design:

  • Amalgamation with Mechanical Ventilation
  • Design Phase
  • Integration with HVAC
  • Space Planning
  • Thermal Comfort

Reflection Analysis Design Details:

  • Balancing with Electric Light
  • Computer Screen Location
  • Reflectance
  • Shade and Sun Analysis
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Utilization Of Shading Devices

Why Must You Choose Energyswift for Reflection Analysis?

  • Daylight energy savings
  • Deliver an adequate amount of dependable daylight in order to reduce electric lighting loads with photo-controls or manual
  • Occupant productivity as well as connection with place might increase through the associated views
  • For reducing the overall building heating

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