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Energy Products

Energy Dashboard

(Sustainability, Performance, Assessment, Monitoring System)

It allows building or property owners to monitor and assess building energy performance and optimize the energy with sustainability performance of their buildings (properties).

This system basically provides one dashboard to end user by which users can manage their properties (Building). When we say “manage”, it means users can create scenario for their properties and also they can add ECMs (Energy Conservation Measure) to any of those scenarios. In Addition to this users can also create “Energy Assessment Report” for specific property.

Dashboard shows following information at first sight :

  • List of Properties
  • Name of Organization
  • Portfolio Map
  • Performance v/s Goal Graph
  • Performance Trends

ECM related data representation has been done with the use of charts as well.

Main portion of this system is “Assessment”. Energy Assessment is the portion of the dashboard from where users can build their “properties’’ reports. This report is provided in the PDF format to the users.

Energy Assessment Report contains following information within it :

  • Utility Data
  • Occupancy Data
  • Hours of Operation
  • Energy Use an Cost
  • Historical Weather Data
  • Energy Use Projections
  • Building Energy Cost Projections
  • Building Energy Use and EUI
    (Energy Use Intensities)
  • Energy Cost
  • Peer Group Benchmarking Information
  • Carbon Check
  • Scenario Details
  • ECMs...and much more

In the energy assessment report data representation is being done using graphs as well which give users a clear idea and view of their property’s energy assessment.

This system also contains one more dashboard called “Property Dashboard”. This dashboard is slightly different than the main dashboard of the system as it shows property specific information within it.

Integrated Tool for Energy Analysis (ITEA):

  • ITEA is a tool developed by Customization of Open Design Studio (ODS) with Blender as backbone based on customers specific requirement.
  • ITEA help Scientist, Engineers, and Consultants etc. to generate the analytical information of the Building Energy Modelling.
  • ITEA rely on properties like dimensions, location, direction and usage of the building as well as the weather condition surrounding the building.
  • It can also be used for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning), Radiance / Lighting independently and more importantly as whole one single unit.
  • ITEA is an approach towards achieving maximum energy efficiency with minimum inputs.
  • ITEA is a tool based on chain mechanism in which input parameters are very smartly used to reduce efforts of engineer as well as software to overcome redundancy and achieve more speedy solutions to the customer.
  • ITEA provides flexibility to give all input at once or at different stages of analysis.
  • Hardware Clustering solutions can also be provided based on the requirement and size of mesh to a given buildings for faster simulations.
  • Salient Features:
    • Simulation & Modelling using various open source tools
    • Report Generation
    • Graphical Visualization
  • Core Benefits:
    • It gives clear vision for selection of energy parameters.
    • It provides the reports on the basis of which construction can be done.
    • Tax Rebates/Subsidies – It allows the constructors to get tax benefits from the respective government.
    • It allows saving Natural Resources from which energy can be generated.
    • Cost Effective to Users.
  • Target Audience:
    • Energy consultants, Engineers (CFD, Mechanical, Electrical), Designer & Modeler.
    • Output of the system is useful for the manufacturing / construction companie
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