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Light Pollution Analysis Services

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Light pollution can be described as the obtrusive or excessive artificial light which disrupts ecosystems and has unpleasant health effects. At Energyswift, we offer light pollution analysis services to all our clients worldwide by providing interior as well as exterior lighting and avoiding indoor air pollution.

Light pollution analysis aims to compute the level of light pollution. Light pollution analysis services can be executed multiple times for a variety of design configurations or for application of diverse light fixture and their location on site.

Our highly efficient and expert light pollution analysis professionals can quantify the level of light pollution and comprehends various aspects including the following:

  • Light trespass: This can be described as the illuminance values at particular site physical locations.
  • Over Illumination: These include evaluation of areas over and above the suggested lighting power density.
  • Sky Glow: This can be defined as the brightening of sky which is caused by outdoor lighting and natural atmospheric as well as celestial factors

Light Pollution Analysis Inputs At Energyswift Include the Following:

  • Interior As Well As Exterior Lighting Plan Schedule
  • Photometric File of each Luminary
  • Site Color Render View
  • Site Plan As Well As Building Elevations
  • Photometric File of each Luminary

Light Pollution Analysis Outputs At Energyswift Include the Following:

  • Interior lighting analysis used for light pollution
  • Light trespass for exterior lighting
  • Lighting power density for exterior
  • Sky glow

Why Must You Choose Energyswift for All Your Light Pollution Analysis Services?

  • We help you evaluate light values in specific locations.
  • We assist you by assessing all the areas that go beyond suggested lighting density.
  • We have highly proficient professionals at our company, who take care of light trespass.

Contact us for all your light pollution analysis requirements.

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