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eQUEST Energy Modeling Services

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From the pursuit of LEED certification to quickly evaluating building energy efficiency advances early in design, the eQUEST energy modeling services provides comprehensive building performance modeling and detailed analysis which can help the in all phases of their design process-if one knows how to use it. Energyswift's expert professionals are well equipped with all eQUEST skill set and experience and can handle all kinds of requirements of eQUEST energy modeling services.

eQuest, also known as the 'Quick Energy Simulation Tool', has the capability of quickly build complex as well as diverse buildings of any type, size and location in the United States. Reasonable ideas of chilled and hot water, electricity, oil, gas and other energy consumption measures can be created by using detailed local weather data.

More and more developers and building owners are demanding LEED certification for their projects. In order to meet these stringent requirements, Energyswift's engineers have all the skills that are required to document and develop eQUEST energy models that can also be customized as per the needs of the developers and building owners.

Inputs Provided with Energyswift's eQUEST Energy Modeling Services:

  • Existing as well as proposed CAD Civil, Electrical and Mechanical layouts
  • Existing building Utility Bills
  • COMCheck Report comparing lighting
  • Building Usage Information

Outputs Provided with Energyswift's eQUEST Energy Modeling Services:

  • Monthly as well as Annual Energy Consumption by End use
  • Monthly as well as Annual Peak demand by End use
  • Monthly Utility Bills
  • Monthly Peak Day Electric Load Profiles

The results of eQUEST energy modeling analysis may consist of reports in following three major categories:

  • Verification reports which summarize the design values as well as model input calculated by the entire program.
  • Hourly reports which tabularizes the hourly values of simulation variables of a user-selected set.
  • Summary reports which showcase the results of the program simulation.

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