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Energy Modelling Tool Integration

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Our US client needs an integrated tool for Generating Energy Analysis Reports after processing Building Models through Energy Analysis, HVAC, CFD, and Lighting.

We work on development of Add-ons by customizing Open Design Studio (ODS) in Blender and various open sources to work in synchronization with added functionalities as per client requirement.


Main Areas of Development were:

  • Analytical information of the buildings based on various parameters
  • Automatically transfer data to various integrated modules (Linked Open Sources)
  • Controlled simulation environment
  • Speedy simulation through Hardware Clustering


The main challenge for the project is to develop very light Add-ons in the application as it has to work with large 3D objects and the analysis on those objects is done after dividing it into mesh of million cells, for that we required tool to be as light as possible to increase product calculation speed and efficiency.


  • Operating System: Windows 7, Ubuntu 12.04
  • Scripting Language used: Python, C++
  • GUI: Python, ParaView
  • Development Tool: Blender, ODS, EnergyPlus, OpenFoam, Radiance
  • Reporting: Report Viewer


It provides solutions for Energy Modelling as follow:

    Simulation & Modelling using various open source tools:

Modelling a system is always a complex process, either you are Scientist, Engineer or Developer, as it includes various Mathematical Calculations of very high complexity like solving differential equations, linear programming etc. and after simulation we need to have that capability to solve equations by millions of iterations both at software level as well as hardware level.
To achieve our goal

  • We offer solutions by integrating various open source tools available, as we feel it can be highly customizable and with rapid change in technology its perfect way to match up the standards and cope up with fast growing Energy Modelling world.
  • We also provide Hardware Clustering to achieve fast simulation environment.

Report Generation:

Generating a cumulative report from solutions of energy solving software is always being a cumbersome task and added with problem of its continuous updating and management to avoid data redundancy with proper mapping, for that purpose we offers two solutions

First, is report viewer and second is report generation and management tool.

Report Viewer:

  To view reports from solutions obtained after energy analysis.

Report Generation & Management Tool:

This tool gives luxury to all the mangers for whom there is need to create reports in a particular format according to customers’ needs and also it provides facility to easily manage your data which includes Insertions, Updations or Deletions in your reports.

Graphical Visualization:

Visualizing the output in form of Graphs, Diagrams are the best way to analyze the system in very short span of time so here we are providing that facility to view your reports and all your results in Graphical form, which will provide you a base for decision making and further strategy planning.

Following are few screen shots of the application

Energy Modelling 01 Energy Modelling 02 Energy Modelling 03 Energy Modelling 04 Energy Modelling 05 Energy Modelling Report
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