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Daylight Analysis Services

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At Energyswift, we offer all kinds of daylight analysis services by supplying a direct link to the perpetually evolving and dynamic patterns of outdoor illumination. We also specialize in offering daylighting system and reflect on various factors which impact natural light from entering any daylight window.

Our experienced and proficient professionals help in creating a visually stimulating as well as productive environment by eliminating artificial sunlight for building occupants. Our daylight analysis professionals can assess the impact of external surfaces on the way these kinds of daylighting system enters a building interior doing away with artificial daylight by taking the help of daylight simulation.

The Major Components of Daylighting System Are As Under:

  • High-performance glazing
  • Skylights (passive or active)
  • Solar Shading Devices
  • Tubular Daylight Devices
  • Daylighting-optimized fenestration design

Some Of Energyswift's Daylight Analysis Technologies Include:

  • Glazing materials
  • Aperture location
  • Exterior shading and control devices
  • Reflectances of room surfaces
  • Incorporation with electric lighting controls

Why Must You Choose Energyswift for Daylight Analysis?

  • We assist our clients in designing the building by keeping in view all the daylighting requirements on the basis of the LEED standards
  • We regulate the LEED credit category which is related to Indoor Environmental Quality, i.e. Daylight and Views
  • We help in designing the best possible window area in diverse climate zones.
  • Our company's daylight analysis also helps our clients in fine tuning the facade properties.
  • Shading Coefficient, Fenestration U-value, etc. can be customized in order to improve the daylight levels.
  • The Lighting simulation provides alternatives as well as suggestions depending on the sun-path study and analysis for the various orientation of the shading devices, shading devices with dimensions, and also on which veneer of the building.

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