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One of our UK based client wants us to develop the iOS (iPhone/ iPad) application for energy audit of the lights for a particular project. The project can be any of the facility like residential housing, commercial office, factory, Hotel, Hospital etc.


  • To develop an application by which they can audit the overall energy consumption with the current lighting Fixtures.
  • To suggest client the cost effective solution which saves the energy and so the cost on the long term basis.

Key Challenges:

  • The performance of the web service while synchronizing data with database server for iOS device
  • It involved many complex mathematical calculations for displaying energy savings in terms of Trees Saved Per Year, Cars Removed Per Year, Carbon Reduced Per Year (KG) and Carbon Reduced Per Year (LB)
  • Handling multiple currency and multiple regions


  • It allows Sales / marketing representatives to create the project (commercial office or residential house etc.),
  • It accepts the detail for each room and lights in each room.
  • Select the corresponding new light configured in the database against the existing light.
  • Calculate the energy savings and the cost savings by replacing the old lights with the new lights.
  • The energy savings is in terms of carbon reduction.
  • The cost saving is calculated in terms of replacement cost vs. savings for 52 weeks and savings for 4 years.

Technology used:

  • Operating System: iOS
  • Web Server: IIS
  • Scripting Language used : Objective C, C#, Microsoft .NET 3.5
  • Back End : SQL SERVER 2008 R2, SQLite
  • Development Tool : Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, XCode

Tasks handled in the project:

  • Admin Mockups
    • All master mockups
  • Admin interface development
    • User, Country, Currency, Closure, Brochure
    • User Country Permission, Franchise Area
    • SKU, SKU Description, SKU Stock, SKU Price, SKU Brochure
    • Existing Lamp, Existing Lamp Price, Lamp Replacement, Language
  • Web Service Development
    • Login, Audit Listing
    • Add/Edit Audit and Rooms
    • Send Report
    • Lamp Search
  • Design
    • iPhone/ipad Application Design
    • Web Application Design
  • Web Application Development
  • iPhone/iPad Development
    • iPhone/ipad Screen integration
    • iPhone/ipad Application Development
    • Integration and Testing
  • Unit Testing
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