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DIALux & COMCheck Building Lighting Analysis

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  • Location - Jacsonville, North Carolina, U.S.A.
  • Building Type : Dinning Facility
  • Building area – 19000 sqft
  • No of Floors: 2
  • Software used: eQuest, DIALux, COMCheck, AutoCAD

Scope of Work:

  • Energy Modeling & Simulation for EPACT
  • To compare Baseline building as per ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G to Proposed Building performance
  • To Propose efficient HVAC systems / lighting layouts for Proposed design to qualify for EPACT

Inputs from Client:

  • Proposed CAD  Architects, Civil, Mechanical – HVAC & Electrical layouts
  • Building Usage Information

Output Data/Reports:

  • Monthly & Annual Energy Consumption by End use
  • Monthly Utility Bills
  • Monthly & annual Peak demand by End use
  • Monthly Electric Peak Day load Profiles
  • Comcheck Report comparing lighting for lighting Compliance
  • Interior Lighting reports
  • Day Lighting reports
  • Baseline & Proposed Comparison Report in excel sheet
  • Achieved Saving in Proposed building respect to Baseline:
    • Savings in MBtu : 52 %
    • Saving in utility Bills: 40 %
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