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Building Energy Modeling Services

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Energyswift provides superior green building energy modeling services as well as LEED consulting services to companies all over the world. We do our utmost to model energy efficient building design and sustainable architecture for effective energy management and LEED energy modeling. We provide state-of-the-art building energy modeling capabilities in order to achieve commercial as well as technical differentiation.

In today's world, consistent and reliable whole-building energy along with financial analysis is very essential for achieving the ever-increasing aggressive performance targets in the entire buildings sector. Our employees include dynamic energy modelers who apply their expertise to analyze building energy model and use it to optimize for sustainability of green building by adhering to the building standards of LEED certification process.

The sustainable building energy modeling techniques used at Energyswift help its clients optimize:

  • Adherence to ASHRAE Standards
  • Adherence to Energy Policy Act and LEED Energy Credits increase
  • Building daylight analysis, artificial lighting, modeling, and simulation
  • Building LEED Certification Rating levels (for example: Gold, Silver or Platinum)
  • Building air-conditioning / cooling loads / HVAC Plant
  • Building exterior heat reduction techniques - bulk airflow and dynamic thermal
  • Cooling load impacts
  • Incidental day light and visual comfort inside work environment and living area
  • Indoor visual discomfort impacts on the work environment and living area
  • Occupant indoor comfort level in addition to carbon usage depletion
  • Passive system design techniques (for example: exposed thermal mass and radiant floors)
  • Ventilation design, modeling, solar shading, analysis and simulation

Building Energy Modeling is also valuable for its clients for:

  • Documenting energy code compliance
  • Improving building performance
  • Predicting energy savings of impending upgrades and retrofits
  • Qualifying for energy-efficient mortgages as well as federal tax incentives

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