Energy Modeling For Architects

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Energy Modelling for Architects

These days, everyone is talking about sustainability, green designs and energy efficiency. Curbing the consumption of energy is the need of the hour; this awareness has led to an increase in popularity and demand of energy modeling services. Energy Swift focuses on providing energy modeling for architects so as to let them implement these intelligent practices while developing various residential and commercial architectural designs.

With the help of accurate computer based simulations, clients can get access to the detailed reports of the expected energy consumption of their particular architectural structures and can thus formulate various energy conservation ways in a streamlined manner.

As the Energy modeling reports are generated prior to the construction stage of the projects, significant amount of investment can be saved by the optimization of the various processes.

Energy Swift offers energy modeling for architects in compliance with the ASHRAE standards. The evaluation of the energy usages of the individual components of a proposed architectural design makes it possible for the clients to calculate the overall energy usage of the building and gives an idea of how the particular design can be remodeled or reconfigured in order to decrease the energy usage and increase the energy efficiency.

Different types of energy modeling services offered at Energy Swift include the following:

  • Daylight analysis
  • Solar Insolation Analysis Services
  • BIM Energy Modeling Services
  • Analysis of building orientation
  • Analysis of roof and wall construction designs
  • Analysis of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing designs
  • Analysis of surrounding environment of the particular project
  • Analysis of associated parameters like number of occupants, energy usage needs of the buildings etc

Energy efficiency is important for all types of buildings big or small. It is a false notion that energy modeling is only a ‘big project’ need.  It not only encourages design innovations and proves helpful for architects, but it also calls for better coordination amongst civil engineers, MEP engineers, BIM consultants, commissioning agents and other members thus adding value to the architectural project.

To assure the clients of the highest energy efficiency of the buildings, Energy Swift makes use of the advanced energy modeling software tools such as EnergyPlus, DOE-2, EQuest and IES-VE etc. Energy modeling for architects aids numerous benefits ranging from effective cost estimation to the optimum performance of the various building systems.

Accurate energy modeling reports serve as the key drivers for architects during the building construction phase. Energy Swift can support your architectural projects with the right analysis and energy usage estimation.



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Bhushan Avsatthi is a senior manager, consultant, BIM expert and a green building advisor with more than 15 years of industry experience. Bhushan imbibes the prophecy of efficient and prudent use of energy in his day to day life and advices his team to do so as well. He is also involved in green initiatives like nonprofit tree plantation project and promotes using cycles for commuting small distances. Bhushan, handles a team of architects, Structural and MEP engineers, LEED consultants and Energy modeling experts.

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